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Actor Randy Quaid and wife claim asylum in Canada (Reuters)

October 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

Reuters - Hollywood actor Randy Quaid and his wife, wanted in the United States on vandalism charges, are seeking refugee status in Canada, saying on Friday they feared for their lives.

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Movie Review | ‘Paranormal Activity 2′: Don’t Spirits Ever Knock Anymore?

October 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

“Paranormal Activity 2” retains the stripped-down aesthetic of its predecessor from 2007, but with more cameras and a (slightly) bigger budget.

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Tough Times No Deterrent for This Ball

October 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

Flashy charity balls may be a dying breed, but don’t tell Barbara Davis, founder of the Carousel of Hope Ball, which raises money to fight juvenile diabetes.

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“Paranormal Activity 2″ jeered on opening day (Reuters)

October 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

Reuters - Less a sequel than a superfluous remake, “Paranormal Activity 2″ takes everything that was unique about last year’s original and simply tries to do it again.

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Film: Client 9 and Other Interested Parties

October 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

In “Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer,” the documentary maker Alex Gibney considers a governor, his scandal and his enemies.

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ArtsBeat: ‘Paranormal Activity 2′: An Inside Look

October 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

ArtsBeat talked to Jason Blum, a producer of the “Paranormal Activity” films, about about making the sequel, the marketing approach and why he’s so interested in “found footage” films.

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ArtsBeat: ‘South Park’ Apologizes for Material

October 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

Matt Stone said he and Trey Parker used uncredited material from a CollegeHumor video “because we do the show in six days, and we’re stupid and we just threw it together.”

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Liam Neeson replaces Mel Gibson in “Hangover 2″ (Reuters)

October 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

Reuters - Mel out. Liam in.

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Cameron, “Avatar” scribe in “Fantastic” reunion (Reuters)

October 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

Reuters - Laeta Kalogridis, who worked with James Cameron on “Avatar,” will rewrite the script for “Fantastic Voyage,” a remake of the 1966 sci-fi classic that Cameron is producing.

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New Zealand could face $1.5 billion fallout if loses “Hobbit” (Reuters)

October 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

Reuters - New Zealand’s economy could lose as much as $1.5 billion if Warner Bros. relocates its production of “The Hobbit” with the country’s burgeoning film suffering long-term damage, economists said on Friday.

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